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It's been years since I fell in love with crochet and amigurumi. The art of working with your hands to produce something, sinking into a zen serenity that comes with focus and careful attention. But I never seemed to be able to get that across to people without having to counter the timeless response:

"But...guys don't crochet!"

I want my site to serve as an example to everyone out there, no matter who or what you are, that art and craftsmanship is not defined by gender but by passion and dedication. I hope I can convince others to take up this truly great hobby.

 My page will feature some original patterns—which will be available for purchase on my Ravelry page—and completed works by other artists who I will link to in the post. If you fall in love with anything you see on this page, I always encourage people to pick up a cheap hook and some yarn and give it a try for yourself, but if that's not your thing feel free to send me a message and I am always happy to take custom commissions.


All patterns available for purchase on my Ravelry page.

For Questions/Commission Requests:

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