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Updated: Jun 4, 2020

As difficult as designing my own patterns is, it seems I have a go big or go home mentality when it comes to them. Malamar was my second large self-produced pattern and was just as complex as Appa, my first.

I always had a soft spot for Pokemon X and Y and Malamar was one of the reasons.


Besides being fairly cool in aesthetic, I loved the unique aspects of how it functioned in game. The "upside down" Malamar is the evolution of the cute little "right-side up" squid Inkay, and in order for Inkay to evolve you had to physically turn the Nintendo 3DS upside down while it was leveling up. Further, Malamar had a unique ability called Contrary, which made all stat changes have the opposite effect. It paired well with Superpower, a move that did huge damage but decreased your attack stat; in the hands of Malamar, it was an ever-growing snowball of damage (if you could effectively pull it off). I just loved how the Pokemon's design was so well-established throughout its aesthetic, functionality, and playstyle.


This pattern is available for purchase through my Ravelry store.

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